Accessibility Consultation Services in the Albany, Troy, 
& the Entire Capitol District

AAOT helps provide everything you need to live comfortable at home as you age. Old age makes it more difficult to get around the house and enjoy the comforts of home like you used to. Our services include a number of solutions to modify your home to make it easier to get around and use all the amenities. We serve the entire Capital District of NY. 

Feel free to schedule a consultation with us for personalized occupational therapy. We will visit you and your home to check out all the amenities and how we can help improve your in-home experience. We also consult with local healthcare institutions and local contractors to help coordinate services you may need. We provide the highest-quality occupational therapy services and solutions that allow you to live in a home that meets your needs. 
Occupational Therapy Albany, NY

Customized Home Modification Services

Our list of services includes:

     • Person First and Holistic Therapeutic Interventions
• Home Accessibility Consulting
• Home Modification Consulting
      • Occupational Therapy Evaluations
    • Occupational Therapy Treatment

Occupational Therapy Treatment can be offered before, during, and after home modifications to maximize your functional performance. Whatever you need to live more comfortably and independently at home, we can pursue it! We'll work with you to develop your ramp specifications, potential doorway modifications, the use of comfortable-height toilets, proper grab bar placement for the bathroom, and custom seating areas. We can also find the best height for your counters, find out how to make windows easier to open, recommend proper appliance height, measure visual glare, assist in the proper use of durable medical equipment, adaptive equipment, environmental control units, and increase the overall functionality of your space. Call us today for a consultation. 
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