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Jake Ashby, owner of Ashby Adaptive Occupational Therapy was recommended to us by one of the occupational therapists at my husband Gregg's rehab facility.

Jake has been an integral part of my husband’s stroke recovery process. He has an impressive background that includes education and military service as well as comprehensive experience. Jake helped us in setting realistic goals and regularly evaluated Gregg’s progress. He was always available to discuss any concerns and/or expectations we had about my husband’s progress and stroke recovery in general. He continually encouraged Gregg try anything he felt he could do safely then commended him when he was successful and suggested solutions/alternatives as necessary for future improvement. 

One important fact to mention is that Jake worked very closely with us, our doctors and other health care professionals to ensure our home was a safe and accessible environment. We were comforted to know that Jake is very knowledgeable about services and aids for persons with handicaps. He also accompanied my husband to various physician office appointments, as well as to his work place in preparation for his anticipated return back to work.

Another quality of Jake’s is that he has always remained professional, gentle, and kind, and has maintained a very positive outlook while working with the entire family throughout this difficult period in our lives.

To date, we have seen very positive results in my husband’s physical and mental recovery. We attribute this progress to Jake’s persistent and professional care, as well as the care and effort of all of the therapists who have worked with us. Jake continues to work with Gregg and we continue to see progress.

- Christine L. Knight, 8/25/15

Although I just saw Jake twice for a possible problem with sensory integration, his suggestion of balance exercises I could do was helpful, and I continue to do them.

- Maud Easter
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